APEC Photo Contest 2014

06 Nov 2014Singapore

APEC Photo Contest 2014 APEC Photo Contest 2014:

First Prize Winner:

Photo title: "Playing"

Photographer's name: Keong Lim Chee

APEC economy: Malaysia

Photographer's description: "In Asia Pacific, there are many poor outskirts which need to be in our focus. There are many elderly people and children that are unable to get proper attention, which has a considerable impact on the development of the entire region. This photo shows a group of children playing at the dam side".

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Second Prize Winner:

Photo title: "Work on the Salt Paddies" 

Photographer's name: Truong Huu Hung

APEC economy: Viet Nam

Photographer's description: "Viet Nam has a long coastline, people here makes a living through salt. This year is also the season of salt".

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Third Prize Winner:

Photo tile: "Wind Energy"

Photographer's name: Bedoya Huamani David Martin

APEC economy: Peru

Photographer's description: "In Marcona (Nazca), you'll find the first wind power plant of Peru. This wind plant is directly connected to the power supply throughout Peru which is currently benefiting millions of Peruvians and the environment".

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Popular Choice Award:

Photo title: "Connectivity"

Photographer's name: Wong Chek Poh

APEC economy: Singapore

Phographer's description: This unique road island that connects three zebra crossings at a junction in downtown Guangzhou, China represents the common understanding all APEC economies have to arrive at. The zebra crossing must be the connectivity infrastructure neccesary to facilitate such an arrangement."

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All Finalist's photos: 

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