Interview with Prime Minister John Key: Trans Pacific Partnership can be concluded

19 Feb 2014Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand’s Prime Minister John Key said that he remains confident that the Trans Pacific Partnership can be concluded. 
In broadcast quality soundbites, Prime Minister Key discusses New Zealand’s commitment to the regional economic integration, context for the Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, and APEC’s role in the Asia-Pacific. 

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We are in the heart of the TPP negotiations now so I think that New Zealand has demonstrated to the world that you can actually be very efficient on a global stage without subsidies if you have a fair trading regime.

Key went on to explain the distinctions between the Trans Pacific Partnership and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. 

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The TPP is more advanced in its negotiations and the make-up between RCEP and TPP is slightly different.

Despite the controversial chapters in the Trans Pacific Partnership, including intellectual property and agricultural issues, he argued that their modelling shows that there are economic benefits for all the participants.

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We remain confident that TPP can be concluded. It’s ambitious for the twelve countries. Countries like Japan who have historically set outside of significant free trade agreements so this would be a big step for them. The United States, I think, has a variety of reasons why it’s very interested in seeing a successful outcome for TPP but nevertheless they still have to get it through their Congress and Senate.”

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If we can see a successful conclusion to TPP that will be testimony to the absolute critical importance of APEC.

Prime Minister Key also discussed why the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is important to New Zealand and explained how APEC contributes to regional growth in the Asia-Pacific.

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RCEP, I mean again, we are very interested in what’s happening there, partly because you’ve got players like India involved and particularly a free trade agreement with China, as well.

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The interesting thing about APEC, I think, is that it has a clear objective and it wants to see free trade, it wants to see less barriers that are often held behind the border. It wants to see strong economic integration.


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